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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Art Sample 2016 T3

Description: This Term We Were Doing A Self Portrait So There Was 2 Drawing/Paintings 2 Do So There Was The Background And There Was The Picture Of You That You Drew So Once You've Drew The Portrait Of Yourselves And Paint The Background Of Your Character.

Feedback: I think that Mayson did a good job at making marks to tell a story about him and btw I really like your portrait it looks a lot like you Mayson. ^-^ Bridget

Feedforward: I think that next time you should use other things to texture your art not just paint. ^-^ Bridget

Evaluation: I think i did a real good job on this post and on my slide cause i tried real hard and yeah.

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  1. Gosh Mayson - your art is spectactular! You must have spent a lot of time and effort doing art to become so good at it! Ka mau te wehi! I agree with Bridget, using more texture may have made your self portrait "pop" out more on the page. I can't wait until we put them up around the school.