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Wednesday, 30 March 2016


1.we were doing a family tree about our family like this for example:

                       Sue Clarence Emily 
                George(d) Fiona Riki
     Tawhara aroha.          Mayson
2.that was my example of how to do a family tree well not really a family tree the rules: you had to get a think book and a pencil a rubber and do your family tree
4.You had to write the names of your family it was so fun doing it I really liked it and even though I have done a family tree before I was listening pretty good about what Troy the teacher was talking about like it was really hard to remember the people in my family name's

FeedBack: i really like your WHAKAPAPA
FeedFord: i think you could take  aphotot on your ipad

Description: Thank you jacob sloan i will take a photot on my ipad.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Camp Gone Wrong

Description:the purpose of this writing was because I thought by telling the people about that activates might sound fun. I picked this piece writing because I enjoyed camp very much.
Once upon a time in a far away land there was a place called EL Rancho camp. We well as I mean WE
I actually mean Poutama and poutukumanua went to camp. We went inside and had food and after we had food we did activities. The activities we did was horse riding,kayaks,low ropes,rifles,archery and water slide. In kayaks I went in the boat and I fell in the water it was "😱FREEZING🚤". I jumped on my boat the color of the boat was yellow. I paddled and HeApS of water splashed on me "SPLASH😓". And I thought I saw a eel oh and not knowing about "dDaAnNdDrReEsS eels". So carrying on with the story well we had yummy food. I'd always sit by my Freinds like Nikita,chase and Rebekah. When we had horse riding the horses were so cute one was called blonde,mini,rusty and phill that's all I remember. For food we had nartchos,sasuges,burgers and that all I remember too. We had apple pie,jelly and yeah the apple pie was delicious I can't be BOTHERED finishing the food off. So yeah on the water slide I was screaming like a girl”ahhhhh”. We had a messy cabin and we had to do chores. We did a skit and it was a family fued. But our cabin seriously our cabin though it wasn’t really good so yeah. Low ropes was really hard especially the rope that was a cross . Yeah we did spotlight and when we were sleeping I woke up cause people next door to our cabin was talking “CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER”. Oh and a  kayaks the water was filthy and dirty. On the last day we had to pack up our clothes put them in our suitcase and bag then we went in the bus and on the bus I fell asleep on jack's back I woke up and we were at livin park then we went to school. And waited for our parents then we went home.
FeedFord: you have to work On you need to make A longer story


FeedBack: I liked your plan so yeah 🤓🤑

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Camp Diary 2016 Portfolio Sample

Description: Last Week We Went On Camp The Camp Was Called EL Rancho Daniel He Told us What To Do. He Told Us The Activities' we had to do Like Rafts',WaterSlide,mini golf,archery,kayaks.Rifles,low ropes horse riding,team initiative,pool.And i was in activity group 8.
And Thats what I Did

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One Word 2016 ePortfolio

Description: The First thing that we did was pick a one word 2016 and mine was creative and the 2nd thing that we had to do is take a photo of ourself and pretend that we a holding something then we gotta do a practice version of our one word  then make them into something and then color the word and color the background and then we do a good copy so we gotta do the good copy and do it apsalotly PERFECT oh well I don't know but you gotta do it good  and then you stick it on your picture of you and why I picked creative because creative is fun you can Explore!! All the creative stuff you can draw creative and most of all you can be the creative person
   FeedBack/FeedFord: next time maybe try something different / it is really cool-Bella L

  Evaluation: Thanks bella for the feedback and feedford  i really apreciate it and next time i will
  try smething diffrent and thanks for calling cool :)